About us

About us

Sukhmini pest control is one of the leading pest control service provider in the Delhi and its neighbouring places including NCR. Whatever may be the need of the customers, we are determined to deliver the best service to them. Our main motive is to make the environment free from any kind of pest so that people can live in a pest-free surrounding where there is no harmful effect on the health of any human beings. With a team of experts and dedicated cleaner, we are providing the services at an affordable price so that everyone can avail our service and remove the intruders from their homes. The best part about services is that we are offering the customization of our offers, so you can specify which part of the complex you wish to clean and we will plan accordingly. Whether you are looking to clean your bedroom, kitchen, sofa or the complete house at one time, we have different packages for everything. The customers also have the option to choose the type of cleaning they want as we are offering different types of cleaning. To know more about this, contact us and we will give you the details of type of cleaning we offers and its benefits along with the cost.

Why choose us

  • Expert Cleaner: Our team consist of expert cleaner who have years of experience in the pest control industry.
  • Trained Professional: The members of our cleaning team are well trained to perform the task in a specific way to maximize the outcome of pest control service
  • Free inspection: We are offering free inspection of your complex, whether it is residential or official
  • Guaranteed service: We are also providing guarantee on our service and if the pest return within a certain period of time, then the service will be provided free of cost to you.
  • Best price: Availing our service ensures that your complex is cleaned at the minimum cost as we are striving to make the pest control affordable to everyone.
  • No side effect: The chemicals and sprays that we use are scientifically tested and do not have any side effect on anyone.

Who we are

We are a team of professional pest control service provider who are striving to make the complex clean and pest free at an affordable price. The members of our team are having years of experience in the pest control service and they have made hundreds of houses free from the intruders. Our amazing result in the pest removal service has made us a popular name among the people and that is why we are the preferred name for the pest control service provider in the Delhi and NCR region. We are a bunch of people who has a dream of making the environment free from every kind of pest and we are working toward it by removing the pest around us.

What we do

At our company, we are working towards making the city a place to live by removing all the intruders that are dwelling in different area of the city. Whether it’s your home or your office, we are removing pest from everywhere so that people can live freely and without any threat of any disease and other issues. Our experts also give tips and ways to the customers so that the pest will never dwell in the house ever again. We also ensure that there is no side effect of the chemicals and sprays that is used to clean the house. With the use of expertize and modern technology machines, we are making the houses a better place to live and the offices a better place to work.

How to avail the services You have two ways to avail our service, either you can contact us by dialling the phone number that we have provided on our website or you can sent us a mail through the contact us tab on the website. All you need to do is to contact us and book an appointment. After your appointment is booked, we will do a free inspection of your complex and then the process of pest removal will be started in a precise way to remove all the pests from your house.